Thursday 18 August 2022

ATR 72-212 ZK-MCU at NZAA on 9-8-2022

A desperation shot of Air Chathams' "new" ATR 72-212 ZK-MCU parked out with an eclectic mix of other Air Chathams aircraft at Auckland International last week:

ZK-MCU was registered to Air Chathams of Waitangi in the Chatham Islands on 6/5/22.  Its windows are covered with a blue plastic film.


  1. The DC-3 ZK-AWP is away from its usual roost at Classic Flyers, Tauranga Airport for some maintenance. It is due back at Tauranga by Labour Weekend to commence another season of $99.00 scenic flights.

  2. ZK-MCU is now having a C-check at NZAA, and is expected to be brought into service in December.