Thursday 29 April 2021

Mosquitos Multiplying at Kaipara Flats 29-4-2021

A lovely afternoon for a flight today saw me heading out to Kaipara Flats airfield to a big surprise of two Innovator XE Mosquito helicopters on the field:

Joe Veza's as yet unregistered example has a 2 cylinder Hirth 2 stroke engine of 65 HP.  he has done a very nice job.  Later on Joe did some engine runs.

At the same time when I arrived Bruce Stevenson also had his Mosquito ZK-HWV4 out flying.

Then Joe and Bruce pushed Joe's Mosquito into its purpose built trailer.  Joe told me the trailer was an adaption of an existing trailer (because it certainly does not need 3 axles for the helicopter!)

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