Monday 12 April 2021

400 HP Fletcher FU 24 ZK-MUT at Maungaturoto

It is a pretty rare thing for a new 400 HP Fletcher to be registered here, but Murray Hargreaves of Maungaturoto has imported just such an example from Australia where it was operated as VH-MYW with Yassair Pty Ltd of Yass, NSW.  It was flown across the Tasman in late 2019.

The aircraft was registered ZK-MUT (c/n 267) to M Hargreaves Ltd on 24/12/19.  Thanks to Mark Stout for the use of his photo.

It has been operating here for some time as in this video:  Listen to the sound!

As you would expect, this airframe has a previous history here and it was built by Pacific Aerospace in 1979.  It was registered ZK-EMP as in this photo taken on 3/9/79.

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