Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Rangiora Back on 7-9-2019 (1)

I was very pleased to be able to visit Rangiora airfield with Blue Bus on Saturday 7 September.  He has already posted about a couple of big tyred aircraft that were there (Savannah S ZK-SRT and Zenith CH701 ZK-DUX2).  I guess that the other aircraft out that day were not new to him, but there were several that were interesting to me.  It seems as though Rangiora aircraft tend to grow bigger wheels and here are 4 of them:

An original model Savannah - ZK-DJB2.

the newer Savannah S ZK-MYN with pink adornments,

the Best Off Skyranger Swift ZK-JAY3.

and the Zenair CH701 ZK-JRT.

You can see them with smaller wheels by searching the regos in the search box at the top left of the blog header page.

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