Sunday, 22 September 2019

AOPA visit Mesopotamia

Matt Hayes was at Mesopotamia Station yesterday and caught these visitors - part of Charlie's AOPA flyin/out to the back country strips.
Magic country. 

 No apologies for shots of aircraft seen in the earlier post.
 Cessna 182P ZK-EJO. It came in from the UK in late 1976.
 Cessna 172M ZK-FGV of 1975 vintage, arriving in NZ in 1984 from the US of A.
 Cessna T206H ZK-NOK2 was a factory new delivery flown in  by Rob Leach, reaching Auckland on 6 June 2005 to replace the earlier Cessna U206G which was re-listed to ZK-NOC in March of 2005.
 ZK-SID2 is Cessna 182T model  first listed in NZ as ZK-KBL in October of 2006. 
Sid purchased it in August of 2015 and re-registered it as ZK-SID2 on 2 December of 2015 - replacing the earlier Cessna 172S ZK-SID which was re-registered to ZK-PRK.
The 1953 model Cessna 180 ZK-WGT c/n 30012 of George and Wendy Thompson of Otorohanga.
This was the 12th production Cessna 180 - making it the oldest in NZ.
It didn't join our register until January 2007.

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