Sunday, 22 September 2019

AOPA from another lens.

Tony McFarlin visited Charlie's strip somewhat later than Bluebus and offers these pics.
 The David Blair and Rex Moore Partnership's Rans S-7S Courier ZK-CABc/n 0707475 was up from Taieri.
 Alpi Aviation Pioneer 300 ZK-RJV c/n 296 is Wanaka based these days with Geoff Rogers.
 Peter McKellow's Warszawa-Okecie PZL Koliber-150 ZK-RTB is c/n 03930056 is from the Greta Valley and uses the initials of its first NZ owner Ross T Blackmore as its registration
 Murphy Elite ZK-WRM c/n 578E gets its registration letters from Will and Rob's Murphy - the male portion of the Maxwell Morris Syndicate
Charlie Draper's strip as seen by a 'higher being' with just over half of the AOPA visitors on site.

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