Wednesday, 25 September 2019

At the Kaikoura Hop

The annual 'Kaikoura Hop' took place last weekend at Kaikoura.
It is an annual event around a classic car show, with fun, food and entertainment for all.
CMM was on the spot and did his duty and offers these photos of the aeronautical portion of the weekend.
 GCH Aviation had their Robbie R22 simulator on site.
 South Pacific Helicopters (2016) Ltd were offering rides in their Bell 206B Jetranger ZK-HBO c/n 570.  Note the flotation devices on the skids.
 They also had their Eurocopter EC 120 B ZK-IFR2 (c/n 1312) on the job.
 On static display was the 'First Light Retreats' Just Aircraft Highlander ZK-JKO (c/n JA312-08-13).
As was the Kaikoura Aero Club's Aeropro EuroFox 3K ZK-TUG2 (c/n 38213).

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