Friday 21 September 2018

Squirrel ZK-HNC

Continuing the helicopter theme of the last couple of post I offer the Aerospatiale AS 350 B2 ZK-HNC3 (c/n 1322) which is the latest addition to the Christchurch Helicopters 2001 Ltd's fleet.
This is what the NZ Aviation News Magazine said about it following its registration on 02-07-2018.
Aerospatiale additions include an AS 350 B2 for Christchurch Helicopters 2001 Ltd as ZK-HNC
As D-HKHL this was operated by Helicopter Services Hanover GmbH in 1985-1986 before proceeding to Iceland to join their Coastguard as TF-GRO3 until re-listing as TF-SYR2 in 1999 and then returning to Germany as D-HFEM in 2000 to serve with Helitransair and then with Heli-Aviation GmbH from 2010. 
From 06-09-2015 it was listed with Heraklion Nikos Kazanatakis for operations in Greece and nearby territories. 
Interestingly the first ZK-HNC was almost also an ex Greek machine but this became ZK-HBU2 instead, with the Hughes 269C ex ZK-HIF2 taking its place as ZK-HNC1. ZK-HNC2 was a Schweizer 269Ci.
It is in the black and white colour scheme now being adopted for the Christchurch Helicopters fleet.

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