Wednesday 12 September 2018

Graeme Frew's Yak 3 Full Noise Back at Reno

After a great result at Reno 2017, Graeme Frew and the Full Noise air race team have returned to Reno for another shot in the Unlimited category.  The Reno Air Races are being held over the period 12th  to 16th of September.  You can follow the team's progress at:

Yak 3M ZK-VVS Full Noise, #35 being re-assembled at Reno.

Graeme has posted the following on his website:  After a busy two days of qualifying we are placed 6th of 15 racers. Who knows what power settings are being used and I’m sure there’s a fair bit of sandbagging going on but we are happy with our efforts to date. 

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