Friday 21 September 2018


Noted yesterday at Heli Maintenance in Christchurch was the MD 500N NOTAR ZK-IEG (c/n LN016).
This NOTAR was originally N52110 with MD Helicopters of Mesa Arizona from 08-02-1992 before venturing up to Canada to become C-FMYW with Heli-Max Ltd at Trois Riveres Quebec four months later. It was re-listed to Heli-Transport Inc of same address on 13-02-2006 and was noted soon after listed for sale with around 6400 airframe hours.
It popped up in NZ as ZK-IJW with Reid Heslop Helicopters at Wakefield from 24-08-2011.
See more Here.
By 22-12-2016 it was listed to Heliventures NZ Ltd of Oamaru who re-registered it as ZK-IEGon 25-01-2017.
I noted it yesterday wearing small Amuri Helicopter Ltd markings and in this all white scheme.
Of interest on the rear of the fuselage was the 'Down To The Wire' label.
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To complete the picture - so to speak - we have below a pic of it as ZK-IJW as seen at Glenorchy on 24-10-2015 by Magnaman.
And as ZK-IEG in its Heliventures NZ Ltd scheme at Heli Maintenance Christchurch on 16-11-2017.

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