Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Wings Over Wairarapa - Friday Air Race

Wings Over Wairarapa 2015 also featured an air race, but this year the contestants were a mixture of Harvards and Yak 52s.  The air race course was quite tight and mirrored the L shaped crowd line to show the competitors well as they smoked around the course.  I was fortunate to be off the South of the airfield with quite a good angle of the Start and Finish lines.

The field lines up: Harvards NZ1078, NZ1052, NZ1057 and NZ1053, and Yak 52s ZK-YAK2 , ZK-KGB2 and ZK-YAQ3 .  ZK-KGB2  withdrew with a problem and did not start the race.

Gentlemen, you have a race.

One of the turns was around the windsock.

And the winner by a nose was Harvard 053.  I do not know who won the races on Saturday and Sunday.  Can anyone advise?

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