Friday, 9 January 2015

Bargeldo1 on gliders # 1.

The National Multi-Class Gliding Championships are currently under way at Omarama.
Bargeldo1 was on hand yesterday (08-01-2015) at the start of the launch for Day 4.
 Above we have the Grae Harrison Schempp-Hirth Ventus 2cT ZK-GCH2 (c/n 133) on the roll at the start of its aerotow launch.
With pilots aboard and ground crew awaiting their tow turn. ZK-GCK3 (c/n 61) is the Martyn Cook Schempp-Hirth Ventus 2cT.
 Above a view across the starting grid with the Schleicher ASW 27-18E ZK-GDK2 (c/n 29661) centre stage with owner Derek Kraak doing the last minute things. Wings being held level is usually a sign that it has water ballast in the wing tanks.
 ZK-GEE's (c/n 299CS) turn. This is Glider Rentals Schempp-Hirth  Discus CS with Yuji Higuchi in the drivers seat.
 Looks like they are about to take up the slack in the tow rope on John Gorringe in his Rolladen-Schneider LS6-18W ZK-GHL2.
Craig King's Schleicher ASW19 ZK-GLB (c/n 19081) appears to have just landed back. But that looks like Nick Oakley's hat !
 Another of the Glider Rental Ltd's fleet is this Grob G103 Twin II ZK-GNE (c/n 3742). Also reverently called Trollies - having wheels in each corner.
Schempp-Hirth Duo Discus ZK-GNS (c/n 142) is crewed by owner Nigel Davy and Andy Perkins. This one was originally ZK-GDD2 back between 1997 and 2007. The registration being changed before being sold so that Glider Rentals/Gavin Wills could use DD on the later Duo Discus X.

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