Saturday, 10 January 2015

Ardmore Today 10-1-2015

Another airport pickup run, so another visit to Ardmore this afternoon. It was pretty quiet but there were a few aircraft that I thought interesting:

Our first Zenair CH 801 ZK-PIP4 is always parked in a difficult postion for a photo, so this was the best I could do.  I am not sure if it has flown in New Zealand but it would be great to see it at the Healthy Bastards competition at Omaka at the end of the month.  It is owned by Addis Holdings of Papakura and is ex OE-KWJ/OE-VAI.

Cessna 180K ZK-SLM is owned by Ardmore Aviation Services Ltd but at an adddress in Kwai Chung, Hong Kong.  It is ex G-DAPH/N2620K.

The recently registered North Amreican T 28B Trojan ZK-TGN was in the Airspray Ardmore hangar so this will be one to look for in the next few weeks.

And of interest to me was our fourth Falco which was also in the hangar for painting.  I was told that it is hoped to have it completed by late summer.  It is for an owner at Matamata.

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  1. PIP did at least one test flight here late last year but I've not seen it fly since then so perhaps there were still a few bugs to sort out.