Friday, 23 January 2015

Press Release - NZ Vintage Warbirds flock to Avalon Airshow

The following press release was issued earlier this month confirming the participation of 10 WW1 vintage aircraft at next month's Australia International Airshow to be staged at Avalon.

It is understood the Royal Australian Air Force will transport the aircraft from Ohakea to Avalon via Boeing C17 Globemaster.

NZ vintage warbirds flock to the Airshow
A squadron of World War One fighters will "cross the ditch" for a sortie into Avalon for Airshow 2015.
The New Zealand-based warbird collection includes five German aircraft and five allied fighters and bombers.
The aircraft are perfect full-sized replicas and include many marquee names of pioneer military aviation.
Among their number is a French Nieuport 11, one of the most successful fighter aircraft of World War One.
The Nieuport was the first allied aircraft to mount a serious challenge to German air superiority in the early days of the conflict.
They were made in large numbers and flown not only by the French but also by the British, the Russians and a few American privateers.
The New Zealand group also includes four British aircraft, a Sopwith Camel, a SE5a, an RE8 Bomber and a Bristol F2 all of which were flown by the fledgling Australian Flying Corps.
The AFC recorded 170 enemy "kills" during its two years of operation (1916-1918) with the Sopwith Camel being the most successful aircraft.
The five German fighters include a Pfalz and four Fokkers among them the legendry DR1 triplane as flown by the famous Red Barron.
The ten NZ aircraft will join a host of other WWI fighters from around Australia for a series of simulated air attack manoeuvres and dog fights over Avalon.
Their appearance will be in keeping of the show's main theme "saluting the heroes of the sky - a century of military aviation"
Airshow CEO Ian Honnery said he is delighted to have the Kiwis on board for Airshow 2015.
"Our event will be the first major observance of Gallipoli in Anzac's centenary year," he said.
"Fittingly, the New Zealanders will join us as we mark this important occasion."
A number of WWI fighters from the TAVAS (The Australian Vintage Aviation Society) collection will also be appearing at Airshow 2015.
Among them are a trio of Fokkers; a DR1 triplane, an E-III Eindekker and a D-8 "flying razor".
The Avalon-based event will also feature a number of vintage World War Two aircraft, pioneer jets from the Korean War and the latest in military heavy metal from home and around the world.
The largest contingent of RAAF aircraft to ever come to Avalon will take part in a series of flying displays and ground exhibits at the event.

The Australian International Airshow will be staged at Avalon Airport Victoria with public sessions on Friday 27th February to Sunday 1st March.

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