Friday, 30 January 2015

Rangiora lunch stop today - Friday 30-01-2015.

I dropped in to Rangiora for a late lunch today.
 A Piper Cub that I haven't seen for many years is ZK-BRO (c/n 18-5530) as listed to Stephanie Eilers of Hastings.
It did its first thirteen years with the Wanganui Aero Club; Wanganui Aero Work and Wanganui Air Services before joining the Southern Districts Aero Club in April of 1971.
 Passing through on delivery to a new owner at Wanaka was the Gardan GY-201 Minicab U/L ZK-DDH (c/n AACA/106). Built by Ralph Leaf and registered in January 1976. It went briefly to K E George at Kaikohe in mid-1987 and then to its current owner Keith Turner at Masterton in mid-1988.
Keith, being an ex ag pilot - has had the Minicab into many strips around NZ during its time with him.
Now for some of the locals.
Graeme Mains commuter aircraft is this First Strike Supercat ZK-JKI (c/n RAANZ/627)
This first flew on 05-06-1998 and was registered to the Canterbury Microlight Aviation Ltd at Christchurch on 10-06-1998. They became Pegasus Aviation later that year and it was apparently used an a engine test bed. Its registration was revoked on 03-05-2001.
Brent Thompson put it back on the register on 26-07-2001 and sold it to Roger Bennett at Alexandra from 20-01-2003. Graeme Main purchased it in late March 2014 and now has it airworthy again.
 Paul Godfrey was caught slipping his Denney Kitfox III, ZK-KNZ (c/n 798 AACA/2013), back to earth.
 Frank Barker's Zenair CH701 STOL now wears its NZ markings of NVY for ZK-NVY. This is ex N98844 and has the c/n of 5770.
It also now sports a Warthog on the tailplane.
 From just a couple of clicks up the road comes Robert Orr and his Dyn'Aero MRC01 ULC ZK-ORR (c/n 224).
This aircraft was originally registered as F-PDAI on 2002 and came to NZ to be assembled at Parakai by Leading Edge Aviation in 2011. It first flew there on 28-02-2011.
 The Pober Pixie Pathfinder ZK-PXI (c/n MFS1) was a project completed by Mike Sheffield and first flew in June of 2009. An earlier post on this can be found at :-

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