Sunday 25 March 2012

Cardinal ZK-DIH

This Cessna 177B Cardinal ZK-DIH (c/n 177B-01900) has spent almost its entire life based on the West Coast of the South Island. It arrived at Auckland direct from the Cessna production line as N34611 aboard the MV Austral Envoy on 03-06-1973.  It was registered as ZK-DIH to Westland Air Ltd on 31-05-73 and first flew in NZ on 05-07-1973. Less than two months later (20-07-73) it was listed to Coast Air Charters Ltd of Reefton. On 09-11-1988 Vic Alborn and Tom Williams of Reefton became the holders of the documents, followed by Tom J and R C Williams of Greymouth from 05-10-1992. It was then transferred to Ian Whitmore on 03-11-2011 and is now based on the Rotomana strip.
It is pictured above, just about to taxi out, at Rangiora on 24-03-2012.
Below is a pic of her a few days earlier at Greymouth on 28-12-1979.


  1. dates in this article are not correct.. How zk-DIH first flew in NZ on 05-05-73 when it arrived to auckland on 03-06-73 ???



  2. Good spotting there ALI.

    First flight date should be 05-07-1973.

    Finger trouble and bad proof reading at this end I'm afraid.