Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Gravity taking effect

A well timed (fluked) shot of the Glasfugel H206 Hornet ZK-GOL arriving at Omarama last week.

This really tidy, near classic machine was flying in Australia from 1975 as VH-GMT with the Edmund Schneider Pty Ltd at Gawler SA (themselves an Australian glider manufacturing Company) before arriving for the WRAC at Masterton and becoming GOL on 08-05-1987. On sold it was delivered to the North Otago Gliding Club during the Christmas/New year of 1990-1991. Omarama based it was often used by High Country Soaring.

The North Otago Gliding Club and the Wigram Aviation Sports Club combined and the glider was listed to the new Omarama Gliding Club on 27-08-2004. Since then it has been operated by Glider Rental with the current owners being listed as TRS Logistics Ltd of Dunedin.