Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Glider ID sorted

Back on 08-10-2007 a Schempp-Hirth Discus 2c, was "re-registered" as ZK-GRM to Sailplane Services of Drury. It was listed with a c/n of 1 and a previous identity of D6111 and also ex ZK-GSM.

Interestingly enough ZK-GSM was a Schempp-Hirth Discus a, with a c/n of 45. This was cancelled on 20-02-1992 and went to Australia to become VH-ZQI with Harry Medlicott. It was later relisted as VH-GLE/2 with Bruce Campbell of Giralang near Canberra and is still current.

So we have two different S-H models trying to be the same aircraft, both being airworthy at the same time.

D6111 is the prototype of the Discus 2c and had until just before importation been flying in Queensland.

It has been connected with that well known rugby personality Ritchie McCaw - hence the registration "RM".

CAA has caught up with this error and the ZK-GRM registration was cancelled with an effective date of 19-12-2007 as withdrawn, & with an action date of 09-01-2008.

On 10-01-2008 ZK-GRM was listed as an initial registration with the c/n of 1. and PI of D6111.

So technically :- if it was flying between 19-12-07 and 10-01-08, was it illegal ?

The attached pic was taken at Omarama on 30-12-2007 with it in an embarrasing position (is this because of a wheel up landing ?)

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