Sunday, 13 January 2008

Dairy Flat/North Shore Pitstop 10Jan 2008

A visit north of the Harbour Bridge mid last week saw a fleeting visit by me to Dairy Flat/North Shore where the local aero club has erected a hanger of biblical proportions and what a blight on the landscape.

However, it is still easy enough to meander around checking out the local bits and bobs and unfortunately there was not a great deal on offer.

A yellow Piper Cub exited a hanger and promptly taxied for departure and I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was ZK-BKH which I hadn't photographed since February 1989 back in Nelson - almost 20 years ago!

Secondly, just as I was about to drive away almost empty handed, Vans RV7A ZK-REX entered the circuit and landed. This aircraft has been on the register since July 2004 and it flew up from Omaka, where it was built, to Ardmore sometime in December, for certification work with a workmate of mine who runs a maintenance facility out there. I then noted the aircraft crossing Cook Strait for Omaka the day after I took this photo so its now back home in Omaka.


  1. Oh Mike :- Please accept 10 demerit points : Vans / Rans, not much difference !

    I don't recognise the driver from the back of his head. But I see that Rex Newman has built a second Vans RV7A as ZK-MIS.

    & what's that aircraft lurking in the background ? Is it "N"
    registered ?

    Please accept 10 Merit points for being the first to join me on line for a while. Was thinking there was nobody else out there.

  2. Duly amended oh wise one! The aircraft with the N registration is N515SC, a visiting Piper Saratoga mentioned on the other blog during December. I was surprised they were still in town!