Friday, 18 January 2008

It comes to those who wait.

Yesterday 17-01-08 prooved too hot at 32c to remain in the office. So I popped out to Heli Maint and finally caught IFR out in the fresh NWly air.

And at Rangiora the Te Kuiti based 182P Skylane ZK-RLG/2 was tied down awaiting the southerly.

In Pat Scotter's hangar was the Yak 55 minus its US N5288N rego (although still plainly readable). No sign of ZK marks yet.

Harvard ZK-XSA was in on some sort of maintenance with people working all around it. And the unregistered Zlin Savage was still parked in the corner.

Opposite in another hangar was Nev Somerville's new machine plus a colourful biplane. (more on these later).

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  1. Keep up the good work - I find it most interesting.
    Have you been to see Central Canterbury Helicopters in Ashburton? I presume the address is the same as the previous owner of the R44s?