Tuesday 16 April 2024

A visit to Springfield Estate by CMM

 Roving reporter CMM called in to the Springfield Estate on Sunday the 14th and captured the following aircraft.
ZK-SAT, c/n 402B-0990, is an Air Tractor AT-402B built at Olny, Texas, and test flown as N1010Y before shipping to New Zealand for assembly at Kairanga. It was registered on 05-12-1995 to Don Hart who trades as Skyfarmers Ltd out of the Springfield Estate near Methven.
The original Pratt & Whitney PT6A-15AG engine was replaced with a -34 engine and ownership transferred to Skyfarmers Aviation Ltd on 01-07-2013.

The Cessna 180K Skywagon ZK-DBA2 c/n 18053022 as listed with Skyfarmers Ltd of Methven.
More on ZK-DBS can be seen here  HERE

Fletcher FU24-950M ZK-BII c/n 36 was first registered back on 28-10-1955 and joined Don Hart - trading as Skyfarmers from 04-06-1991.
It spent its early years at the top of the North Island with Northern Aviation and Advanced Aviation before coming under the James Aviation name from February 1968. Between late 1968 and late 1969 it was in West Australia as VH-EOR until returning to NZ with Farmers Aerial Top Dressing of Invercargill (a subsidiary of James). From mid 1971 to mid 1974 it was listed as VP-PAV and operated in Honiara. 
Williams Aerial Work of Mt Maunganui listed it from July 1984 followed by Super Air of Hamilton from October 1988.
It still carries the small letter ' i ' between the 'B' and the first 'L' on its registration markings.

The other side of ZK-SAT following a wash down.

A special thanks to Duncan Hart for the chat and conducted tour.

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  1. Cessna 180, JD 8430 and a Commodore in the same photo. Outstanding.