Saturday 27 April 2024

Autogyro Europe Calidus ZK-MZM at Dargaville Today 27-4-2024

Finally a sort of OK for flying Saturday today let me fly up to Dargaville for their every Saturday lunch:

A "new" one at Dargaville was the rebuilt Autogyro Europe Calidus Fern gyrocopter ZK-MZM, fresh off re-assembly by Brian Taylor.  It was recently registered to Cloud 7 Aviation Ltd of Ruakaka.  This gyro suffered an accident at Te Haroto on the Napier-Taupo Road on 31/12/21 and has been under extensive rebuild since.

I photo'd it at Whangarei back in 2018 when it wore the standard Calidus Fern livery with a fern painted on the fuselage.  Was the fern a New Zealand thing?  And if it was then maybe ZK-MZM might just be a Calidus now.

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