Wednesday 17 April 2024

Look Back at the 2024 RAANZ Flyin at Hokitika

Over the weekend prior to Warbirds Over Wanaka the re-scheduled 2024 RAANZ flyin took place at Hokitika.  It was a low key affair and I have not been able to find anyone who took photos, but Wally Pendray flew down from Whitianga and he took some video of the flyin from which I took the following screenshots:

In this view you can see Wally Pendray's Pelican ZK-MAL2 from Whitianga, Craig Buist's SeaRey ZK-WET3 from Dunedin, Willy Morton's A 32 Vixxen ZK-VLW from Kawakawa and Neil and Sarah Colliver's Vans RV 10 ZK-RVT from Feilding.  Then in the front are Lyall Hopgood's new Bristell ZK-WLH3 with what I reckon is Nigel Forrester's Bristell taildragger ZK-TDN behind, both from Central Otago, and further along is Paul Godfrey's Kitfox IV ZK-JFA over from Rangiora.  Can anyone who was there supply a photo of ZK-TDN?

The Wesport owned B22 Bantam ZK-PUB has not been posted on the blog previously so was nice to see.

Some of the locals assembled a first generation Scout mirolight, here about to slide the wing cover onto the spar.  It had a registration of ZK-EYR but it is not currently registered, having been withdrawn and cancelled in August 1995.

Rodger Ward flew his Cri Cri ZK-LBW after no doubt trailering it across to Hokitika,  and in the background you can see the Zenith CH601 XL ZK-MAM down from Whakatane, then Greg Van der Hulst's Jabiru J200 ZK-CPA2 from Rangiora and a couple of the Canterbury Recreational Aircraft Club's Tecnam Echos ZK-RGA2 and ZK-RGE, and the Zenith CH601 XL taildragger ZK-ONO which was over from Kirwee.

Parked near the hangars were Dave Kenny's locally based Jodel D9 ZK-FRK, Bristell ZK-EAC3 from Waihi Beach, the now Hokitika based Corby Starlet ZK-TNT and the Greymouth owned Rans S 6ES Coyote II ZK-TNA.  In the hangar is the venerable Ercoupe ZK-AQX.

Thanks for your video Wally.


  1. Peter Layne

    I appreciate it was an RAANZ event but I think that Mandeville resident Dominie, ZK-AKY, was also worthy of a mention. It was at Hokitika that same weekend to fulfil scenic flights it could not do a few weeks earlier on a weather affected weekend. It reportedly did, that weekend, 15 such flights, each one with a full load of 6 passengers. That's 90 passengers. The original intended occasion was to mark Hokitika's "150 years of connection".

  2. There's a video at It doesn't show TND at all though