Saturday 2 December 2023

Whangarei Again 1-12-2023

Another trip to Whangarei yesterday, this time in the Rodney Aero Club's Pipistrel Alpha Trainer ZK-JAT saw a new selection of aircraft on the field, all of which have been posted on the blog before:

Another day, another air ambulance flight.  This time it was flown by Skyline Aviation's Beech B200 King Air ZK-MFT2

Parked up was another twin Beechcraft, this being the Beech C90A ZK-FDN2.  This ex air ambulance was registered to a Private Owner on 16/10/23.

Meanwhile the Robin DR 400/500 ZK-VAX took off and headed back to North Shore.  Nice wing!  This has the c/n of 0001.  Does this make it the first of type?

And Peter Garlick was out again in the Pitts S-1 ZK-JFD2 but this time he put on a great aerobatic display over the field.  I see that this is also referred to as a Whittaker Pitts S-1W.

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