Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Cessna U206F Stationair ZK-DWX

The weather at Stratford last week was sunny and very windy early on, but that did not stop Cessna U206F ZK-DWX flying in from Whangarei on the Wednesday 23/1/19. 

It has been owned by Stokes Logging Ltd of Onerahi since 26/9/18 and they use it to travel between their logging interests in Northland and Taranaki.  The pilot was Peter Garlick who follows the blog and has sent in photos of aircraft from Whangarei.  It was nice to meet you Peter.

Blue Bus has prepared the history of the aircraft in New Zealand as follows:

Cessna U206F Stationair ( c/n U20602641 ) was allocated the US registration of N59268 on the production line and for test flying purposes in the USA before it was shipped out to NZ aboard the Austral Ensign reaching here on 04-06-1975.
It was assembled at Ardmore and registered to the NZ Cessna agents Rex Aviation (NZ)  Ltd on 09-06-1975 and it received its NZ CofA and also first flew on 03-07-1975.
It was re-listed to Air Safaris and Services Ltd of Lake Tekapo on 14-07-1975 and six years later moved on to Haldon Station Ltd from 11-08-1981 with a change to J L S Innes of Haldon Station on 08-09-1981.
                It is seen below at Christchurch on 04-02-1987 with the remnants of the Air Safari insignia on its tail.

 And on 10-03-1987 at Greymouth.

 On 22-11-1989 I caught it at Karamea - below.
 An ownership change on 26-09-1990 listed it with Dave E Bunn and Co of Arrow Junction who traded under the Dave Bunn Aviation name. It carried the 'Firgrove Farm' 'Arrowtown' titles on its fin and is seen below in new colours at Queenstown on 18-03-1991.

Below we see it at Queenstown on 09-12-1998 with revised tail colours and carries the additional 'Dave Bunn Aviation' titles on its tail and the small '206F' aft of the Stationair script above the main wheel.

 Three years later (below) on 09-12-2001 we see it at Queenstown now with 'Air Milford' titles on its tail.

 Title changed to Air Milford 2000 Ltd on 06-01-2003.

 Above photo is from Henry M Taken at Milford Sound on 22-12-2011.

 Above I caught at Queenstown on 20-11-2014.
Plains Investments Ltd of Ashburton took it over from 15-08-2 and the 'Firgrove Farm' title is again seen on its fin.

And at Ashburton on 10-09-2017.
It was on sold from 26-09-2018 to Stokes Logging Ltd of Onerahi.

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