Wednesday 20 December 2023

Hamilton back on 17 December

I was able to make a short visit to Hamilton Airport on the morning of 17 December.  There was not much to see there except for one newly registered aircraft that I completely overlooked!

These XL 750s have been parked up for a while but the photo does show a comparison between the XL750 Falcon 3000 (ZK-XLA) and the standard XL750 (ZK-SDT3).  The Falcon is a modified XL750 with a revised cowling and other lightening features for an increased topdressing payload.

ZK-XLA has been registered to Andy Stevenson Aviation Ltd of Gisborne since 22/10/20, while ZK-SDT3 has been registered to Aero Dynamics Ltd of Mt Hagen in Papua New Guinea since 18/9/23 so I expect we will see it departing soon.

And in the background is the tail of the latest Texel Air Boeing 737-800 Freighter ZK-TXC2 that was registered yesterday on 19/12/23!  I never clicked that it was there!

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  1. A quick correction good Sir Minty: ZK-XLA is a *Falco* 3000 XL.