Friday, 3 February 2023

Omaka 02-02-2023

On a warm up day (only 30 degrees today) prior to the Healthy Bastards weekend I snapped the following at Omaka.
The Cessna 210-5A ZK-VAV c/n 205-0570 as listed with the Leslie Hills Station outside the Marlborough Aero Club hangar.

Inside the Club house is this Bristol Freighter awaiting your kind donations.

In the Cessna 180/185 line up was Rob Fry's Cessna 180A ZK-FRY c/n 32914.

Westland Air Charters Cessna U206F Stationair ZK-CBT2 c/n U20603325 on the tie downs.

The Cessna 172S ZK-ZAN c/n 172S10101 is down from the Tauranga Aro Club.


  1. I notice that ZK-VAV has Cessna 205 on the cowling, so it's probably not a 210?

    1. To my knowledge the Cessna 205 is a fixed gear version of an early model of 210. So it being registered as a 210-5a and having markings as a 205 would be correct