Wednesday 23 September 2020

Bantam B 22J ZK-TJK/2 at Hawera 20-9-2020

There are still many Micro Aviation Bantam microlights flying in New Zealand, in fact so many that they seem to blur in my mind.  Another one that has not featured on the blog before is the Jabiru powered B 22J ZK-TJK2

ZK-TJK2 (c/n 0149) was peviously ZK-MRB and was re-registered in April 2002.  It was recently registered to J A Mauchline of Wanganui, on 3/8/20.

It was photo'd by Jordan Elvy at the recent Hawera Aero Club brunch flyin on 20/9/20.  Thanks for the photo Jordan.

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