Thursday 9 December 2010

The two sides of ZK-IBT

Aerospatiale as 350 BA , c/n 1572 , was first listed in NZ back on 08-04-1982 as ZK-HNM with H/C NZ of Nelson. This was cancelled on 24-04-1992 when it transferred to their Australian operation as VH-WCG on the same date.
It returned to H/C NZ on 02-11-2000, but became ZK-HNN2 (ZK-HNM had been re-allocated to a Hughes 269B).
ZK-HNN2 was cancelled on 02-05-2006 on export to the USA where it became N572JR on the 26th.
It returned to NZ again to become ZK-IBT3 from 01-05-2009 with Alpine Choppers at Queenstown.

ZK-IBT3 Left

ZK-IBT3 Right
ZK-IBT3 Centre
The three shots above were captured at Queenstown on 16-11-2010 and show its standard Company colour scheme on its right side and with the "as seen on TV" scheme on the left side.

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