Sunday 12 December 2010

Two more mechanical mice from the south.

Hughes 369D ZK-HMN2 , c/n 47-01008D , on the road to recovery in the Alpine Choppers hangar at Queenstown as seen on 16-11-2010. This helicopter first appeared on our register as ZK-HVE on 30-08-1985 (ex Australia). It went off shore to PNG in September of 1988 to return as ZK-HMN2 on 17-07-1992 via Flightline Aviation of Mosgiel for Jeff Shanks of Milford Helicopters. It was damaged in the Milford Sound area on 22-03-2001. The damaged helicopter was listed to Flightline Aviation on 22-08-2001 and then to Iwik Ltd (Kiwi backwards) of Te Anau on 06-07-2004.

Noted at its Herbert base on 08-11-2010 was this Bell 206B JetRanger ZK-HTO , c/n 2265 , of Central South Island Helicopters. A 1977 model which was imported for Kitto Helicopters and registered to them on 18-07-1984. AFAIK it has spent its entire working life in the south.

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