Tuesday 7 December 2010

Move for Cresco ZK-TPW.

Cresco ZK-TPW on the Ag strip at Twizel on 22-11-2010.
That pink Pacific Aerospace Cresco 08-600 ZK-TPW was noted at the Strip just north of the Twizel River on 22-11-2010.  [and it is still pink].
It started life as ZK-JOH1 with the c/n 034, being registered on 18-11-2002. It was ferried over to OZ by the late Kelvin Stark to become VH-MOS on 12-12-2002 with Mile High. Its Australian registration was cancelled on 15-12-2006 with its return to NZ to become ZK-SDT on the 18th with Sky Dive Taupo.
Three years later (09-12-2009) ownership was transferred to Kairanga Aviation. It was also re-registered on that date to become ZK-TPW. Anybody tell me why these letters were chosen ?
As from 05-07-2010 it has been listed with Central South Island Helicopters Ltd.
ZK-TPW as seen at Kairanga in parachuting mode on 17-03-10.


  1. Thanks to planefil:

    ZK-TPW - Turbine Pratt and Whitney
    ZK-PWT - Pratt and Whitney Turbine
    ZK-XLG - 750XL Griffin Ag-Air
    ZK-SJA - Initial of three daughters
    ZK-PWZ - ex G-APWZ

  2. Ah Ha.
    All very obvious once you know the answer.
    Thank you Mike.

  3. ZK-WTA - Walter Turbine Ag-Cat