Sunday 12 December 2010

Last job for the day.

ZK-FJN warming up.
On 08-12-2010 I popped over the ridge and spotted this Gippsland GA200C ZK-FJN , c/n 200C-9937 ticking over on the Bill Byrch airstrip above Motunau. (Thats Motunau Island in the background). It was about to streak over to Culverden to do a small spray job. As the c/n infers; this was a 1999 production aircraft which came to NZ for Neville Somereville of Cheviot Ag-Air Ltd and was registered on 31-10-2002 using the last three letters of its Australian registration. Registration moved to William Bremner Byrch on 19-03-2007. It carries the Motunau Ag-Air titles on its fuselage side.

Taking off for Culverden.

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