Thursday 16 December 2010

Another export : Aerospatiale AS 350 BA ZK-HDE

A recent view of ZK-HDE2 at Queenstown on 16-11-2010.
Aerospatiale AS 350 BA ZK-HDE2 , c/n 1491 , was cancelled as exported on 07-12-2010.
It was built in 1981 and went to Mexico as XA-MOZ before moving up to the US to become N54498 in July of 1988.
It had been imported by McAlpine Helicopters and assembled at Dairy Flat (North Shore)and then registered for M R Evans [North Shore Helicopters] of Auckland on 21-04-1989. On 02-07-1999 it was transferred to Helicopters (NZ) Ltd of Nelson. It has served overseas for H/C (NZ) in Loas, and several trips to the Antarctic with the German, Italian and Korean teams.
It had a brief ownership change to Helicopters Queenstown from 27-08-2010 but returned to H/C (NZ) Ltd on 21-11-2010.

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