Thursday 29 May 2008


Robinson R22 Beta ZK-HCZ/3 , c/n 3522 , was registered to Heli Concepts on 12-03-2004.
They ceased operations some months ago and this helicopter went back to Skysales Aviation.
It was re-registered as ZK-ICZ on 22-02-2008 still listed with Heli Concepts.
Photo below, taken today, shows Alistair Mclean pushing it back into the hangar.

The recently arrived MD520N NOTAR N9096R , c/n LN106 , became ZK-HCZ/5 on 08-05-2008 with Skysales and is for a local Christchurch owner.

All three photos taken at Skysales Aviation's Christchurch base.

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