Wednesday 28 May 2008

There's Bound to be Trouble (at Mil)

Illustrating the current madness being perpetuated on the civil register, the Blue Bus blog about Nelson 19 May 2008 held an image of AS 350 ZK-HYM of Milford Helicopters. Here it is again on the Cascade Creek airstrip on 14 February 2008. Except it's not! This is the replacement, c/n 3287, first registered 1 Mar 07, the day after the last one was cancelled. You are pretty hard pressed to see the difference between the two.

By the way, the C150C ZK-CCL parked up at Ardmore is c/n 15059742 ex ZK-CCK. Since ZK-CCK had since been reallocated, Arthur took the next one available in sequence. Simple really.

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