Wednesday 28 May 2008

Green monster at Taieri

Well Greybeard has solved the Cessna 150 ZK-CCL mystery at Ardmore.
He has also sorted out the Green Zlin Z-37T at Taieri.
In talking with Bill O'Connor (Flying Ag Co) Greybeard learnt that he was planning on acquiring this aircraft
On 22-04-2008 a Zlin Z-37T with c/n 008 was listed as ZK-BOC to Flying Ag Company of Alexandra.
I was talking with Mark Paterson of Southair yesterday and he confirmed that the green monster is indeed c/n 008 and that Bill had acquired it to add to his collection of Zlins at Alexandra.
There is apparently one minor hitch at this time - no log books to advise the airframe hours. The Z-37 is only certified for 3000 hours.
So we continue to watch and wait.
This aircraft was originally registered as OK-RJB in the Czech Republic; it moved over to Hungary to become HA-MGY before returning to OK-RJB.
Not too sure of its NZ moves, but I know that early in its time at Taieri it had hopes of becoming ZK-KRB for Keith Baillie. This never happened and it has remained at Taieri ever since.

Pic taken in Aug 2005.

I also gleened from Mark at Southair that an English gentleman - who has come to NZ from Australia - has imported a Bell 47 and a Pitts Special. The Bell is currently flying in its foreign marks at Wanaka and the Pitts is coming together at Taieri.

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