Tuesday 5 March 2024

Mal Gunton's Corsair reunion.

On Friday the first of March Peter Layne happened to be on duty at Classic Flyers at Tauranga when he met 100 year old Mal Gunton and several of his family members. 
They were awaiting the arrival of Corsair ZK-COR (NZ5648) which Frank Parker had very kindly flown up from Omaka, thanks to the generosity of owner Mike Jones, for the occasion, despite Mal never having flown this particular Corsair.
100 year old Mal Gunton with Peter Layne and a family member awaiting the arrival of the Corsair.

Frank Parker with Mal Gunton in front of the Corsair ZK-COR (NZ5648).

This is the second time in a month that Peter has had his photo taken by a family member with the key person in an aviation event. (The first being the Lockheed 10 ZK-AFD HERE )

As it happens, both Mal and Peter's fathers performed the delivery flights of two (first examples) RNZAF maritime patrol aircraft. 
Brian Layne in Sunderland ML792 (NZ4101) arriving on 2 December 1944 and Mal Gunton in Orion NZ4201 arriving on 27 October 1966. 

The Bay of Plenty Times gives a run down on Mal's careerHERE

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  1. I believe Mal is the fourth RNZAF Corsair vet Mike has had NZ5648 visit. What a wonderful gesture!