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Hughes 369HS ZK-HGS

ZK-HGS3 is a Hughes 369HS with the construction number of 32-0375HS.

The first two numbers of this c/n tells us that it was manufactured in the third month of year two which translates to March of 1972. the 0375 tells that it is airframe number 375 from the production line, with HS being the Hughes model S.

A quick run down of its known history runs like this :-


                    A J Firchau, Portland Oregon. 1972.
                    W E Campbell,Coos Bay, Oregon. 1975.
                    Roberts Aircraft Inc, Colorado Springs, Colorado. 06-11-1978.


                    Roberts Aircraft Inc, Colorado Springs, Colorado. 05-1979.
                    D R Rogers, Boulder, Colorado. 07-1982.


                    D R Rogers, Boulder, Colorado. 08-1982.
                    T S Helicopter Corporation, Sutherlin, Oregon. 09-1984.
                    Western Springs Inc, Rosenberg, Oregon. 06-1986.
                    S W Jordan, Bedford, Texas. 10-1986.
                    US registration cancelled 27-07-1987.


                    Executive Helicopters, Lanseria, South Africa. 24-11-1987.
                    Bell Air Charter Pty Ltd, Empangeni.  1988
                    South African registration cancelled 18-6-1999.


                    Rotor Flite NZ Ltd, Auckland. 21-06-1999.
                    Rick Lucas Helicopters Ltd, Palmerston North. 14-11-2000.
                    Heli Sika Ltd, Taupo. 12-12-2000.
                    Salt Air Ltd, Paihia. 28-01-2001.
                    South-West Helicopters Ltd, Te Anau. 13-12-2001.
                    Heavy Jet Ltd, Auckland 20-05-2002.
                    Tararua Helicopters Ltd, Pahiatua. 02-04-2003. 
                    Wairarapa Helicopters Ltd, Masterton. 13-02-2004.
                    Heavy Jet Ltd, Auckland 01-09-2005.
                    Heli-Ag Helicopters Ltd, Nep Plymouth. 10-04-2007.
                    Farm Spray Helicopter Services Ltd, Feilding. 29-06-2007.
                    Wanganui Aero Work (2004) Ltd, Wanganui 06-09-2007.
                               Partial engine fail 18-11-2008.Safe landing near Taumaranui.
                    The Reliance Group Ltd, Auckland 06-07-2010.
                    Central Helicopters Ltd, Opotiki. 20-04-2011.
                    Heavy Jet Ltd, Howick. 07-10-2012.
                    Central Helicopters Ltd, Opotiki. 01-12-2013.
                    Central Helicopters (2014) Ltd, Opotiki. 17-03-2014.
                    Campbell Copters Ltd, Kerikeri.  09-2014.
                    Opotiki Helicopters NZ Ltd, Opotiki. 16-12-2015.
                    Rotor Work Ltd, Te Kuiti. 30-07-2018.
ZK-HGS at Queenstown 09-12-2002 from Dave Paull 

ZK-HGS at Ardmore 17-08-2010 from MRC Aviation.

ZK-HGS at Tauranga from Richard Currie in June of 2021.

ZK-HGS at Kerikeri 07-10-2014 by Jean210.

Some more images can be viewed with a GOOGLE search for ZK-HGS.

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