Saturday, 25 September 2010

Question Time # 114. Zlin ZK-DOZ.

The cockpit view used in question time # 114 is that of the Zlin Z-37T ZK-DOZ2. This is c/n 010. It arrived in country as OK-RJD and was assembled at Rangiora. 
It was registered as ZK-DOZ2 with Aerial Sowing Group Ltd of Nelson on 31-10-2002 and was noted doing taxying tests on 07-11-2002. It first flew at Rangiora either on the 14th or 15th November 2002.

At some date prior to January of 2003 it had an incident as it was noted in a damaged state.
A damaged ZK-DOZ at Rangiora on 04-01-2003.

Parts still lying around at Rangiora on 04-04-2008.
On 23-02-2005 it was relisted to the McCombie Family Trust of Christchurch and appeared with large "Mainland Minerals" script on fuselage and under the wings.
ZK-DOZ at Rangiora 20-11-2006.
Flying Ag Co Ltd of Alexandra become the registered owners from 28-08-2007.
It was noted engineless at Taieri in October 2008.
It was cancelled as withdrawn on 04-02-2009 - Its airframe having reached the magic 3000.
 It has now about to become another fine exhibit at the Ashburton Aviation Museum.
Fuselage of ZK-DOZ at the Ashburton Aviation Museum 22-09-2010
The "clue"
There will be no chocolate fishes handed out for this one. We got the type ok first shot, but the registration was never nailed down to my satisfaction, nor was the location sorted.

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