Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Question time # 113 ANSWER.

The Question Time # 113 photograph was the nose section of the Percival P.44 Proctor 5 ZK-AVW.
This was a post World War Two production aircraft - first registered in the UK on 14-08-1946 as G-AHWW to Skytravel Ltd of Liverpool. It went briefly to Bowmaker Ltd of Bournemouth in January of 1948 and then to one Arthur J Bradshaw on 01-03-1948.
Named "Kiwi Wanderer" he left England on 24-05-1950 and flew into Mangere on 29-06-1950.
It was registered as ZK-AVW to Arthur J Bradshaw of Nelson on 30-08-1950. Title changed on 31-10-1972 to R J de Montalk and T A Gifford-Moore of Wanganui.
It was withdrawn from use at Ardmore about October of 1972.
I believe it then went to J Geary of Auckland. It was cancelled on 25-01-1991
Proctor ZK-AVW as seen at Wanganui on 25-09-1972.

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