Friday 14 June 2024

Quicksilver GT 500 ZK-MIC/3 Has Come and Gone

The Quicksilver has been a very long lived microlight and was among the first microlights to be registered here, the first being ZK-MRW (c/n MAANZ/010), a Quicksilver MX, in January 1982.  The Quicksilver has evolved over the years from the original 2 control axis machine to 3 axis controls.  Then the 2 seater MX II was introduced and we have had lots of those flying here.

The next generation Quicksilvers were the single seat GT 400 and the two seat GT 500 models which appeared in the early 1990s.  We have had a couple of GT 400 models and a couple of GT 500 models here but both of the latter have been exported, the most recent being ZK-MIC3

ZK-MIC3 (c/n 0449) was registered on 5/6/13 to I M Coleman of Mahoenui which is South-West of Te Kuiti.  The photos are from the Trade Me advertisement when it was for sale.

I guess Mr Coleman sometimes used his GT 500 for spraying, presumably on his farm, as in this photo of it with spray booms.  It was cancelled from the register as exported on 13/9/22.  Can anyone advise where it was exported to?

And can anyone share any stories of microlights being used for farm spraying work?  I am aware that it did go on and I understand it was legal on the owner's farm.

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  1. There have been several microlights engaged on spraying ops in NZ. I recall seeing an image of a Quicksilver spraying which I think appeared in the Ross Ewing/Ross MacPherson publication THONZA.
    Around 1986/87 I was involved with Micro Aviation Te Kowhai testing a Bantam B22 fitted with an 80 litre stainless steel tank for spraying. This aircraft was supplied to a farm at Ohaupo. I took many photographs however I'm unable to access them at this time due to travel