Wednesday 19 June 2024

Curtiss P40N Kittyhawk ZK-CAG exported.

The Curtiss P40N-1-CU c/n 28492 was manufactured for the USAAF, allocated the serial number 42-104730 and delivered to Australia under the Lend Lease Scheme.
As A29-448 with the Royal Australian Air Force it was damaged on landing at Tadji, PNG, in May 1944 and 'released for salvage' on 30-10-1944.
Leaping forward - Charles Derby recovered it from Tadji and freighted it to New Zealand and stored it until going into partnership with Garth Hogan (Pacific Aircraft) for restoration. This was completed by Pioneer Aero Restorations and the aircraft was registered as ZK-CAG2 on 08-03-2000 to The Kittyhawk Partnership (Charles Derby & Garth Hogan) and first flew on 17-03-2000.
It carried the name 'Currawong' and was also mark "Dedicated to the memory of Mark" (ie Mark Hanna).
Interestingly it carried the RAAF serial A29-448 on its port side and serial A29-1050 on its starboard side. To find out more about this work your way through the two following links.

Ownership passed to the Warbird Adventure Rides Ltd (Frank Parker & Liz Needham) at Ardmore on 20-09-2012.
It was crated by Pioneer at Ardmore on 16-03-2024.
Its registration was cancelled as exported on 12-06-2024.

Below we have a selection of average quality photographs of ZK-CAG during its time in NZ.

At Ardmore on 18-03-2000 - the day following its first flight in NZ.
Note the 'Currawong' image and 'title' on the nose cowling.

Below on the same day with its RAAF serial of A29-1050 on the rear fuselage in a large format.

Above. On the 19-03-2000 we can see the small yellow RAAF serial number A29-448 beneath the tail and the large GA-C Squadron markings.

A month later in a hangar at Wigram - on 18-04-2000.

Now we jump ahead to 2009 at Wanaka.

Above and below we see both sides during engine runs at Wanaka on 16-12-2009.

And then at the Wanaka Airshow on 02-04-2010.

At Masterton 21-02-2011.

Wanaka on 05-04-2013.

Above and below. Back at Masterton on 18-01-2013 with 'Sharks teeth and Eye'.
And minus the 'Currrawong'.

At Omaka on 29-03-2013.
At Omaka on 30-03-2013 along with the Corsair ZK-COR, The Mustang ZK-TAF in the trail and the P40 ZK-RMH below. 

Another Omaka Air Show - on 02-04-2015.

In its Ardmore hangar on 24-02-2016.

On 26-03-2016 at Wanaka along with ZK-RMH.

At Omaka minus the Shark Teeth (thank goodness) and back to the 'Currawong".
My last sighting of ZK-CAG as it gets pushed into the Marlborough Aero Club hangar at Omaka after the Air Show on 18-04-2019.

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