Wednesday 13 July 2022

Search & Rescue Services' Bell 222s

Sharing a hangar at Taupo Airport with the Enstrom's ZK-IAK2 & IAM2 are the 2 Bell 222s still on the CAA register with Search & Rescue Services Ltd, ZK-HZQ2 and HIG3.   Only HZQ actually went into service as the Waikato-King Country rescue helicopter,  having been imported back in 1994 from the USA, and withdrawn from service some 4 years ago.

ZK-HIG3 never went into service having been acquired as a source of spares and is stored dismantled behind HZQ still marked as N226LL with Mercy Air scripting.

In the same hangar is Enstrom 280C ZK-IAM2 which was imported from Sweden in 2020.


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