Thursday 21 July 2022

Helicopters Around Auckland Today 21-07-2022

It wasn't much of a day for flying in Auckland today, but I did catch these 2 helicopters on the ground:

Airbus EC 130 T2 ZK-HJW5 was outside in the sun at Mechanics Bay.  It is registered to EagleFlight Technics Ltd of Auckland.  I like the look of the glass curtain wall and roof of the Mikano Restaurant in the back of the shot.

The Mechanics Bay heliport is now the base of Helicopter Me as per the sign on the hangar in behind.

Flash back six and a half years! when I photo'd Airbus EC 120B ZK-HJW4 in the same location with Helilink titles on the hangar, when the Westpac Rescue helicopters were based there.

And at a less sunny North Shore airport was the Bell OH-58A Kiowa ZK-HPW3.  The reason for it being at North Shore is that its ownership changed to Kiowa 1991 Corporate Trustee Company Ltd of North Shore on 31/3/20.

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  1. Seeing the pic of a Kiowa reminded me of my only encounter with one, at Mechanics Bay in 2004. I just checked and it is the same one!