Wednesday 20 July 2022

A Retrospective of the Wairarapa Balloon Festival 2022 (1)

Back over Easter Weekend in April 2022 the Hairy Mole Rat attended the Wairarapa Balloon Festival and here are a look back at some of his photos:

ZK-FAI is a Boland 38-8 from Masterton, and ZK-OAK is a Cameron Z275 from Christchurch.

ZK-FTC3 is a Lindstrand LBL 77A belonging to a Private Owner, ZK-CAF2 is an Amateur Built Strata 73-12 from Hamilton, and ZK-FBA3 is a Kavanagh C77 from Wellington.

and ZK-KKH is a Cameron O-65 from Carterton.  The others' registrations are not showing.

We haven't concentrated much on hot air balloons on the blog but thanks to the late HMR we now can.  I will post more tomorrow.


  1. Thanks Sir was great to catch up with Hairy during the festival, it was my last opportunity to do so...RIP Peter

  2. ZK-FBA on the left, ZK-OAK in the centre, ZK-KKH on the right