Monday 7 April 2008

Westland Bush Plane

Wondered what the Westland Bush Plane was? Well, wonder no more! Caught on my travels is Russell Cook's latest creation out of Kaihinu, north of Hokitika. It may look like a Cub, but Russell assures me that the only original bit of a Cub is one wing. Although it is hard to tell, the dimensions are all bigger than the standard PA-18, and the whole lot is built from scratch. Fabulous workmanship as well. The tundra tyres are for landing in the West Coast river beds.

While on the subject of tundra tyres, keeping ZK-WBP company was this Avid Flyer STOL. If you were looking for the perfect comicbook aeroplane, this wouldn't be far off the mark! (Hokitika 17 Feb 08)

1 comment:

  1. Well done Greybeard. It really does exist.
    I called on Russell not long after it was initially registered but he was very very reluctant to talk about it; let alone show it to me.