Sunday 20 April 2008

Flying the scouts

A busy weekend at the Canterbury Gliding Clubs Hororata base, flying off a large number of Scouts.

Sunday began with a frosty early morning wake up as four balloons were inflated next to the Scout tent site on the Hororata Domain.
These were Cameron O-120 ZK-FAD, Thunder & Colt AX7-77 ZK-MJC, Cameron V-90 ZK-WRU/2 and Cameron V-90 ZK-OOH.

While one batch went ballooning another was over the other side of the trees in the Gliding field preparing :-

and then flying the two Grob Twins (ZK-GOR & ZK-GPR) via winch launch.
(Blue bus lurking in background).

[First one to move is a wimp]

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