Sunday 13 April 2008

Rangiora open day.

A lovely fine Autumnal day for the Rangiora open day.

Biggest attraction (in more sense than one) for the average Joe Blogz was the DC-3 ZK-AMY offering rides.
Kerry Millar's "Linda Lovelace" ZK-DGM was found lurking in the corner of a hangar.

The Roger MAnn Ragabond (Ragwing) ZK-MGS came down from Harwarden.
Colin Marshall had the demonstator Evektor Aerotechnik Sportster Plus ZK-MAC on show.

Harry Devonish came over from Wigram with his H269C ZK-HYQ to move the freshly cut grass around.

A couple of Fisher R80 Tiger Moths, ZK-LIF and ZK-NOX did their thing.And a long way from home (Marton) was the Murray Farr Jodel D.18 ZK-JPK

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  1. I believe the Jodel has recently changed ownership and is now living at RT. Rumor has it that it's like-new having done very few hours (something like 5) and still needs it's test flying period to be completed.