Sunday 5 March 2023

A Few Attendees at the 2023 RAANZ Flyin at Matamata on 3-3-2023

I enjoyed my time at Matamata on the Friday meeting some new aviation faces as well as some old ones.  It is good to talk aircraft and flying.  Here are a selection of the aircraft that were there:

Here is an eclectic selection:  the Bygate Tiger Hawk, Sisler Cygnet, Tecnam P 92 Echo Mk 2, SPA Panther, Vans RV 10 and a Pipistrel Sinus.

Sonex ZK-JQP2 popped down briefly from Ardmore, along with Sonex ZK-SXR (they share a hangar)

I haven't seen this aircraft for a long while - Tecnam P2002JF Sierra ZK-TVB came all the way from Wyndham.

Vans RV 12 ZK-SMB came from Hastings after a really determined effort.

Tecnam P2004 Bravo ZK-RRG popped over from Te Kowhai I think.

Pipistrel Sinus ZK-RDZ flew up from Rangiora.

Alpi Pioneer 200 ZK-LPB flew in non stop from Nelson which was a good effort I reckon.

While the fixed gear Alpi 300 ZK-LPK of the Fiordland Aero Club came all the way from Te Anau.

All of the above are Rotax powered (apart from the Sonex that has an Aero Vee VW I think), but the Tim Bygate Tiger Hawk ZK-THK  (that Tim Bygate designed and built) is a one of a kind and it is powered by a Subaru engine.  It flew up from Feilding I think.

And finally for this selection, the lovely looking Richmond Racing SPA Panther ZK-PWR flew up from Stratford.  It is powered by an O-320 engine and Wayne is very pleased with it.  So much so that he is building another one.

Just before I took off, Karatoo ZK-KTW, Pelican Club ZK-FTE and Searey ZK-WET all landed having come from the Deep South.  And as I was flying North I heard the Whangarei Flying Club's Tecnam P92 Eaglet inbound to Matamata meaning that aircraft attending the flyin came all the way from the Deep South to the Far North, which was a great effort and reflected the stable (for a change!) nature of the weather over the country.

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  1. Most of the South Island aircraft have hunkered down at Kapiti for the night due to low level cloud further south. Quite the sight to have 10 of them all parked up!