Monday 25 September 2017

The first ZK-CAA.

The first allocation of the letters ZK-CAA were given to the Cessna 172B c/n 48413.
This had been allocated N7913X by Cessna Aircraft on the production line.
It was shipped out to NZ and registered as ZK-CAA on 06-04-1961 to Rural Aviation Ltd at New Plymouth.
Purchased by the Southland Aero Club of Invercargill it was delivered on 06-05-1961.
It was damaged soon after - either on the 28th or 29th of June 1961.
 Here we see two shots of it at Christchurch on 21-08-1964 wearing a small Southland Aero Club insignia - port side only - forward of the cockpit.
 Aircraft Hire Ltd of Masterton picked it up some time in 1964 and leased it to the Auckland Flying School Ltd and then the Palmerston North Flying School.
 It is seen above in Auckland Flying School Ltd colours at Palmerston North on 01-05-1966, although ownership had been transferred to H I Dimock of Nelson on 18-04-1966. 
It is seen below at Wellington two days later - with no script on starboard side - but still with the old Southland Aero Club sticker on port side.
 Below at Wellington on 30-10-1970 with the Piaggio P166B ZK-DAI beyond.
Below is a shot of her at Palmerston North taken by Allan Wooller at Palmerston North in September of 1974.
 Ownership moved to David and Jill Phillips of Wellington on 27-01-1983 and it is seen below in the shelter of the Aero Club hangar at Wellington on 16-04-1984.
I seen to recall some connection with 'Skyferry' about this time.
 By 17-09-1985 ownership was with J G Headifen, R S Ginders and W A Lamb of Christchurch; and then on to N B Cooper of Springbank, Rangiora from 16-02-1987.
M J Saunders of Rotorua listed it from 03-10-1988 and we see it below at Rotorua on 17-04-1991.
 Several owners followed:
Neville Cameron of Coromandel from 14-05-1992.
S W T Simpson of Cambridge from 09-09-1992.
G P & T Smallfield of Thames from 22-09-1999,
and then Murray R Smith of Te Awamutu from 15-07-2003.
Below - I caught it at Wigram on 25-01-2004.
 Then, below,  at Wanaka on 02-04-2010.
 At Loburn Abbey on 27-01-2012.
 Below - Keith Morris noted it at Raglan on 02-11-2013.
 Finally we see it below - thanks to Darryn Bennett -  at Tauranga on 29-07-2014.
I suspect on SID's inspection. 
(Supplementary Inspection Documents which had a compliance date of July 2014)
Did it pass ?
I assume not as it was cancelled from our register as withdrawn on 28-10-2015.

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